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Sore muscles?

"Regularly consume about a half tsp of ginger each day and you’ll likely experience about 25% less post exercise soreness"

University of Georgia & Natural Health Magazine Jan/Feb 13

Try : finely chopped pieces in boiled water, smoothies, soups, sauces, roasted veggies, with dessert!


"As the shell was found, its beauty made no noise"

-bit of a poem from Atelier Crenn


The psoas

What muscle connects your rib cage/thoracic/lumbar spine with your legs? 

Your psoas muscle.  This long, guide wire transmits the ability to move your legs from your core (the spine).  

Notice your current resting length of your psoas by visualizing/palpating/measuring the length from the bottom rib/T12 to the top of your inner thigh.  Is it bunched, congested, over extended or just slack and rested? 

Goal : knowledge of this muscle’s resting length gives you power over your core/leg connection —> sustainable/injury preventative movements

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An ice cream scoop’s deep, satisfying scoop is a delicious image for how you can engage your abdominals.

Practice : Lay on your back with bent knees & feet flat to the floor.  Arrange your spine, hips and shoulders to be in neutral (natural curves present). Using the exhale to engage your abdominals —> imagine the ice cream scooper going down, in and up from your pubis to your belly button.  Hollow and enjoy the depth of engagement = power of the front of your core.


10 Blisters

Grace, speed, precision…yet fluidity with a sense of effortlessness :  

Enjoy Sylvie Guillem’s 10 Blisters!



Gluten is the word for glue in Latin.  So how does this protein act in your belly?  Depends on the individual —> some it creates bloating/lethargy/overall discomfort vs some it creates energy/alertness.

Observe your body’s reaction to gluten.  Don’t be fooled by the media’s hype and make the decision for yourself.  Does gluten allow my movement to be fueled or leave me feeling stuck…

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"I adapt to change with ease" Liza Laird


Greyhound Belly

Carve, scoop, hollow — typical cues that help to engage deep abdominal wall muscles.  

Try this visual cue for a bonus (from the GYROTONIC® method’s creator Juliu Horvath) : GREYHOUND DOG BELLY

(Lee Shit, greyhound II)